Why Buy At Wabash Valley Chrysler

The Wabash Valley Chrysler Philosophy

For almost 30 years now, Wabash Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram Truck has offered straight forward, upfront deals for it's customers and for the people of Wabash and surrounding counties. We strive to make sure you have a car buying experience like never before and with many of your experiences beginning online, I wanted to take the time and share our philosophy of how our online pricing and Incentive process works.

With a new, upgraded website, we are working towards educating our customers and pricing all of our new vehicles with discounts every person who calls, texts, chats or walks in the door will qualify for. Then each sales associate and manager will work hard to make sure every customer receives any and all of the additional incentives they deserve. Some customers may qualify for a Chrysler Employee discount, others may be entitled to Lease Loyalty or a Conquest program and still others may receive an incentive because they own a Case IH Tractor. There are as many incentive programs as there are different models, colors and options on the vehicle you are wanting to purchase or lease. Our job is to make sure we ask the right questions and find every incentive and Discount our customers are entitled to.

Some dealers like to price their new vehicles with every incentive known to man subtracted off their online price. Most of these incentives are not compatible with one another and some are only available for a very limited number of customers. Then when you contact the dealer, you wonder why the price you get is higher than what you found on their website.

This is why you won't find ten different incentive programs listed when we price our New Vehicles online. Listing all of these incentives programs together online without knowing if a customer qualifies for them or if they are even compatible with one another only creates conflict. When a customer contacts Wabash Valley Chrysler they can be confident the price they receive will be lower, often much lower, than what is listed online. This is done by making sure every customer receives every incentive they are entitled to receive and to make sure our team is asking the right questions and answering any of your questions in a straightforward and honest way.

Doing business this way may cause us to lose a few sales because we won't always be the lowest price listed online, but for those who take the time to contact us, they will see we are extremely competitive and will always be able to offer a much lower price then what is listed online. This process makes for a much more enjoyable buying experience. It is much less stressful knowing you are getting all the discounts and incentives you deserve.

I hope you will take the time to surf our website and when you find your dream car, don't hesitate to call, chat, text or fill out a contact form and have one of our sales associates or managers contact you so we can get to work finding you every discount and incentive program available and getting you the lowest possible price.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you ever feel your shopping experience wasn't an enjoyable one, please don't hesitate to give me a call.


Greg Thompson, General Manager