New RAM RAM 1500 truck repair in Wabash Indiana in Wabash IN near Fort Wayne

RAM 1500 truck repair in Wabash Indiana

RAM 1500 truck repair in Wabash Indiana
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Ram 1500 Truck Repair in Wabash Indiana

In order to be both safe and cost efficient, it is important to know when your vehicle needs repairing. In this article, I’m going to let you know the signs that your vehicle likely needs repairing. I’m also going to recommend that if your vehicle does need repairing, that you stop by Wabash Ram so we can repair your vehicle. We offer Ram 1500 truck repair, RAM truck repair and truck repair for various other types of trucks.

RAM 1500 truck repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 RAM 1500

Car Battery Replacement

A vehicle’s battery is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Without a battery, a vehicle is unable to start the vehicle’s ignition and power its electric devices. Because of the constant wear and tear on a vehicle’s battery, they need replacing somewhat often. A vehicle’s battery life will vary based on the use of the vehicle, but they usually last around 3 years. Several signs that it is time to replace a vehicle’s battery are that your vehicle will not start, the vehicle’s electrical features are not working or that the vehicle’s headlights are abnormally dim.

Starter Repair or Replacement

The importance of a vehicle’s starter is often not fully understood. A vehicle’s starter rotates the vehicle’s engine and starts the vehicle. This means that if a vehicle’s starter is not working, then the entire vehicle will be unable to start. Some signs that a vehicle’s starter needs replacing or work are that it is making a grinding noise, has a malfunctioning solenoid, is soaked in oil, is freewheeling or that it is smoking.

RAM 1500 truck repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 RAM 1500

Engine Repair

The engine is the heart of a vehicle. Without the engine, the vehicle has no chance of going anywhere. Because of all the intricate parts of a motor, there are many things that can go wrong with a motor and may need repairing. Some of the signs that your vehicle made need repairing are that there is smoke coming out of a vehicle’s tailpipe, the oil pressure is low, the vehicle is going through a lot of oil or the engine is making knocking sounds.

RAM 1500 truck repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 RAM 1500

Tire Alignment Repair

While it may not be the first thing you think about when you think of vehicle safety, proper tire alignment is very important when it comes to the safety of a vehicle. Tire alignment is how a vehicle’s suspension is connected to the vehicle’s wheels. When dealing with tire alignment, mechanics are looking at 3 main things. These 3 things are a vehicle’s camber, toe and caster. A vehicle’s camber is the inward or outward angle of a tire when the vehicle in observed from the front. A vehicle’s toe is how much the vehicle’s tires turn outward or inward when the vehicle gets looked at from above. A vehicle’s caster is the angle of a vehicle’s steering axis when it gets looked at from the side. A vehicle’s caster has the important job of helping a vehicle’s cornering, stability and steering. Things to look out for that suggest that your vehicle’s tires may be unaligned are a vibrating steering wheel, your vehicle being pulled in an undesired direction, an uneven tread on the vehicle’s tires or that your vehicle’s steering wheel is off-center when you are driving straight.

RAM 1500 truck repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 RAM 1500

Brake Pad Replacement

A vehicle’s brake system is the most vital safety features for any vehicle. While mirrors and air bags are both important, a vehicle is essentially undrivable without a properly working brake system. At the center of a vehicle’s brake system is a vehicle’s brake pad. A brake pad is a pad that stops the vehicle’s brake shoe and brake drum from grinding on each other. The reason a brake drum and brake shoe can’t grind on each other is because the grinding can ruin both the brake shoe and brake drum. This will then cause the entire brake system to be ineffective and possibly not work at all. Because of the constant grinding on the brake pad, it needs replacing quite often. The amount of time that a brake pad will last will vary, but it is usually around 30,000 to 35,000 miles of driving. Some signs that a vehicle’s brake pad needs replacing are that the brake pad is less than a quarter of an inch thick, your brakes make a grinding sound when they get used, your vehicle’s indicator lights are on or that your vehicle’s brakes make a screeching sound when they get used.

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In this article, I have gone over the many signs that your car may need repairing. I have gone over car batteries, starters, tire alignments, engines and brake pads. With that being said, if you are in Wabash Indiana and have a RAM or RAM 1500 then stop on by. We offer RAM 1500 truck repair and are able to service any RAM 1500 from any year. At Wabash RAM, in Wabash Indiana, we have been serving Wabash Kokomo Marion for numerous years. Not only have we been serving Wabash Kokomo Marion for numerous years, but we have been serving the whole state of Indiana for many years and we would be honored to serve you as well.

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