New Jeep Jeep Cherokee repair in Wabash Indiana in Wabash, IN near Fort Wayne

Jeep Cherokee repair in Wabash Indiana

Jeep Cherokee repair in Wabash Indiana
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Jeep Cherokee repair in Wabash Indiana

Your Jeep Cherokee was designed using advanced engineering techniques. It deserves the best care when it comes to repairs or maintenance. If you have problems with your Jeep Cherokee, you’ve come to the right place. Use our online scheduler now to book the next available appointment.

Jeep Cherokee Repair

The Jeep Cherokee has a long history, and there are many on the road. This means that our technicians must understand the ins and outs of a variety of engines as well as specific transmissions, suspensions and drivetrains. You can rely on our factory-trained mechanics to know how to handle any Jeep problem. We can tackle everything from a broken windshield wiper motor to difficult drivetrain repairs.

Jeep Cherokee repair in Wabash Indiana - 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Large Repair Shop

Our Wabash Jeep dealership has a large repair shop with many bays, and we maintain a large team of technicians. This allows us to address your Jeep Cherokee repair quickly. Our goal is to assess your problem, make the repairs and see you on your way safely. The dealership has invested heavily in the repair and diagnostic equipment needed. By using the most contemporary tools, our mechanics can get the best results from their labor.

Dedicated Mechanics

Each member of the Wabash Jeep service team has been trained in a hands-on classroom. They are certified nationally as well as by our dealership. Many have been trained in the factory to ensure the highest level of care for your Cherokee engine. Our team has years of experience individually and collectively. When presented with a difficult diagnosis or tricky repair, they draw on this real-life expertise to determine the best way forward.

Jeep Cherokee repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Parts, Tires and Mopar Accessories

This Jeep dealership serving Wabash Kokomo Marion is your home for all things Mopar, We have genuine Mopar Accessories to customize your Jeep. Our technicians are trained to install these upgrades to your Cherokee. We can help when you are winterizing your Cherokee because we carry the tires and parts specific to your vehicle. Our supply of tires includes the namebrands you know and trust. Of course, we have a large Jeep parts department, and you can count on us when you need a new headlight or a rear windshield wiper. From the simplest part to the most exciting accessory, our parts department is your one-stop destination,serving Wabash Kokomo Marion drivers.

Jeep Cherokee repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Auto Repair

Drivers are encouraged to come to us for all types of auto repair. Common engine repairs target mechanical problems, broken sensors, and oil leaks. Call us right away if your Cherokee engine light is on. It is essential to get an accurate reading in order to fix the problem. Drivers who ignore this vital warning often end up with bad problems that cost them more money. Acting fast is the best way to head off big bills.

Stalling and Overheating

There are some signs that drivers can’t ignore. A Cherokee that stalls in the parking lot is frustrating. If it stalls at a remote location, or worse on the highway, the situation becomes fraught with dangers. Likewise, an engine that runs hot must not be allowed to overheat. In these cases, it is vital to contact us right away for Jeep Cherokee repair. You don’t want to end up stranded nor do you want to have a treatable issue turn into a disaster.

Jeep Cherokee repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Steering, Brakes and Suspension

When you turn the wheel, the Cherokee should respond appropriately to your request. Sluggish responses can lead to accidents in busy traffic. The solution may be out of sight, underneath the car. Sometimes it is poor alignment and can be fixed easily with our re-alignment equipment. Other times the problem is with the suspension. Perhaps you hit a curb too hard and something has slowly come loose. Your brakes must be well-maintained as well because individual wheel braking is part of today’s traction and stability control systems. It sounds complicated, but our knowledgeable Wabash Jeep team can find the problem and make your driving safer again.

Maintaining your Cherokee in Wabash Indiana

Jeep supplies Cherokee owners with a factory-recommended maintenance plan. Of course, this includes your regular oil changes. Our team can handle this procedure and check on your other systems. If your Cherokee is older, it may be time to drain one or all of its other vital fluids. This includes transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. There’s also bigger maintenance items such as spark plug replacement. Each time you have our mechanics perform one of these tasks, you are extending the life of your vehicle in Wabash Indiana. Let our team help your Jeep lead the longest road life it can.

Maintaining Your Cherokee Warranty

If your Cherokee is under warranty, think twice before taking it to a shop that isn’t Jeep certified in Wabash Indiana. Other mechanics may make a mistake and void your warranty. Our mechanics won’t make mistakes because they are certified by Jeep to do the work. Furthermore, they will ensure that you follow the planned maintenance guidelines that must be followed to keep your coverage in effect.

Schedule your auto repair or maintenance using our online appointment tool. Serving Wabash Kokomo Marion drivers, we handle all brands of SUV repair.

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