New Dodge Dodge Durango repair in Wabash Indiana in Wabash, IN near Fort Wayne

Dodge Durango repair in Wabash Indiana

Dodge Durango repair in Wabash Indiana
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Quality Service You Can Trust

If something has gone wrong with your Dodge Durango, chances are you’re dreading having to take it to a mechanic. After all, who wants to sit around in a smelly waiting room, only to be charged an exorbitant price for repairs that you’re not entirely sure were performed correctly? That is, unfortunately, so often the case when you’re dealing with many service centers. Fortunately, when you need Dodge Durango repair, you have another option- the service center at Wabash Dodge.

Dodge Durango repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 Dodge Durango

People First

The most important ingredient in a quality service center is putting people first. You are more than the car you drive, and we want you to be totally comfortable with your entire experience with us. We accomplish this in a few different ways. First, if you’re planning on waiting while we complete your SUV repair, you’ll be treated to a clean and comfortable waiting room. No need to worry about the smell of exhaust, day-old coffee, and uncomfortable chairs. We’ve got you covered with a quiet space where you can enjoy a newspaper, get some work done, or enjoy a cup of fresh coffee.

Whether you choose to wait or not, though, we still work to put you first by offering fair pricing and honest work. We offer you our best service, every time, because it’s the right thing to do and because it’s how we’d want to be treated. We will consult with you during the repair process to explain why we’re doing what we’re doing so you’ll always be in the know. If you don’t understand something, we want to know, so we can address any issues right away.

Dodge Durango repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 Dodge Durango

Experience and Integrity

Part of serving Wabash Kokomo Marion means utilizing the most experienced mechanics to properly complete your Dodge Durango repair. Each of our mechanics are factory certified to ensure that they have the expertise to correctly repair your Dodge Durango in Wabash Indiana. We don’t “guess” when it comes to repairs, we track down the root cause of the problem you’re experiencing so we can fix it correctly the first time.

On top of that, we have experienced service advisors who will consult with you when you first bring your vehicle in to Wabash Dodge. This means that, instead of you simply describing a problem that you may not know much about, we will ask questions and, depending on what you tell us, will work to pinpoint the cause of the issue so we can complete your SUV repair more quickly.

Experience, however, matters little without integrity. We don’t try to conceal anything from you when you entrust us with your vehicle. What it says we’ve done on the invoice is what we’ve actually done in the shop. We understand that by entrusting us with your vehicle, you’re literally placing the lives of you and your family in our hands, and we take that responsibility seriously. To show our full measure of commitment, we’ll return your car to you in the same condition as when it arrived (except for, of course, the repairs we complete), with no trash, grease stains, or any other issues that would detract from your complete satisfaction.

Dodge Durango repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 Dodge Durango

Parts that Last

We could have an army of well-trained mechanics (we do), utilizing the most sophisticated equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle in Wabash Indiana (we do), and at a price that’s fair and easy to understand (we do). However, unless we utilize quality parts, the rest of those conditions may as well not exist. Fortunately, we do utilize the high-quality parts your vehicles needs, ensuring your repairs will last long after you’ve left our facility.

We use only brand-new original equipment manufacturer parts, wherever possible. This means that the same company who manufactured your Durango also manufactured the parts we install in your Durango. As you can imagine, this allows for a perfect fit so that your Durango maintains the high performance that you expect. We won’t tell you we’re going to use a new part and then use a re-manufactured part, instead. We also won’t take the current part off your vehicle, clean it up a little, then re-install it and call it a new part. If a new part is listed on your invoice, you can be sure that’s exactly what we used. We don’t like to cut corners when it comes to your complete satisfaction.

Dodge Durango repair in Wabash Indiana - 2018 Dodge Durango

Stop By

We are proud to be serving Wabash Kokomo Marion with the prompt, professional service you deserve. Of course, the best way to judge this service is to experience it for yourself. We do encourage you to set up an appointment so we can be ready to serve you the moment you arrive. You can set up an appointment either by giving us a call to speak with one of our friendly service representatives or by going to our website to use our automated service scheduler. Of course, if you’re ever in a pinch and need to drop by, we’ll work as hard as we can to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

If you’re ready to experience professional automotive service the way it was meant to be, then it’s time to trust your vehicle to the service experts at Wabash Dodge. We’ll work hard to take the negative opinions you have about service centers and completely transform them into a totally positive experience.

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